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Simple pricing and great value

Need to conduct only one drawing?


We offer a one-time credit for 39 EUR, limits and features are the same as in the Basic plan.

Our plans

We recommend one of our plans if you need to conduct several drawings:

BASIC plan

€99 / year
Less than €9/month

  • Up to 1 000 entries / project
  • Up to 15 draws per day
  • Maximum weight: 1000
  • Total weight limit: 1mil.
  • 12 months data retention
Standard Plan

€199 / year
Less than €17/month

  • Up to 500 000 entries / project
  • Up to 50 draws per day
  • Live event module
  • Registration form
  • Maximum weight: 5000
  • Total weight limit: 10 mil.
  • 12 months data retention
  • Customization
Advanced Plan

€399 / year
Less than €34/m

  • API connect
  • Up to 1 million entries / project
  • Up to 100 draws per day
  • Live event module
  • Registration form
  • Maximum weight: 10000
  • Total weight limit: 20 mil.
  • 12 months data retention
  • Customization

Free plan is available if you choose winners for personal or testing purposes (limit 100 entries per drawing).

We like nonprofits – if you work for a great cause, nonprofit organizations can use RandomPicker for free even with higher limits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a Question?

How to start?

Create your account here. The registration is free. You can try RandomPicker and conduct test drawings. You need to purchase a plan or credit just before the final drawing.

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How many drawings can I conduct with the €39 EUR credit?

Only one. The $39 USD purchase is not a plan, but a credit for a one-time drawing. We recommend purchasing the Basic, Standard or Advanced plan if you plan to conduct more than two drawings per year.

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I do not own a Paypal account

You do not need to own a PayPal account. Just select the option ‘Pay with my card’ and enter you card number. Address, email or phone number may also be requested depending on your country.

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Can I send money using a bank transfer?

If you don’t have access to a credit card you can make payment using a bank transfer. We must receive your payment before upgrading your account. We can only accept payments on yearly plans Standard and Advanced for bank transfer. Please contact us for payment instructions.

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What currencies are accepted?

Our payment processors (Paypal, Stripe) should accept many local currencies – the price in USD or EUR is usually converted into your local currency, only a few currencies are excluded. USD and EUR payments are also available for bank transfers.

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My company procurement needs the quote before placing an order. How can I get the document?

Please contact us and we will create the document for you.

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I need a tax document for the payment

You can download the invoice/tax document in your Account History after the payment is processed.

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What is your refund policy

Our goal has always been to have many satisfied users. If you are not satisfied, then simply send us an email and we will refund your purchase right away.

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