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We launched to help companies easily manage their raffles and contests.

Simple idea, global impact

We created as a simple tool to perform draws for sweepstakes and other events that require a random winner generator. We started out as a gamification studio and realized that there was a huge need for quick and simple prize game solutions. Today, our clients are corporations and companies, the small and medium business segment, sole proprietors, non-profit fundraisers, bloggers, gamers, school groups, sports players, churches and many other users. Our service is used globally.

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We are passionate about improving PICKER.LIVE

Help us build digital products for your success

We are passionate about improving PICKER.LIVE and its services. Your feedback is highly appreciated and will help us to improve PICKER.LIVE.

Here are just a few ideas of our users we added to our random name picker in the past:

Add or remove BLACK LIST (people that are violating the rules)

Detection of unwanted "professional players"

Statistics: per channel, round, unique or overall

Live Event module and playback

Multiple rounds in the same event 

Dashboard with recent and upcoming drawings

Division by brands

Search by channels of entry

Images of prizes 

Landing page with the collection form 

Weighted drawings 

Preferred prizes


We are based in the heart of Europe, Zagreb. Zagreb's museums reflect the history, art, and culture not only of Zagreb and Croatia, but also of Europe and the world. Around thirty collections in museums and galleries comprise more than 3.6 million various exhibits, excluding church and private collections. 


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